Wednesday, 13 February 2013

I am the One

Love is a temptress
Egging me on.
Calling out of the blue
Take my defenses down
And fall for you.

                                                  All my dreams would come true
                                                    It's all because I am with you.
                                        I have never imagined that I'd meet someone
                                             Who would adore me as much as you do.
                                                     Tell me I'm not dreaming.

                                                                  For I believe
                                                That there is that soulmate for everyone.

                                                         You're meant for me,
                                                         I am the one for you.

---asheil.June 11, 2011.Saturday.1039Hrs.

                                                image courtesy of desktopnexxus


  1. Beautiful poem, Sheila. .
    The hope of every true romantic at heart.

    1. @william: hope springs eternal right Bill :)