Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Trying to avert my mind off the questions.
Scantily clad Truths partially hidden behind a flimsy curtain of Defiance.
A meager attempt at Salvation.

How does one frame an Answer?
A gentle persuasion to save oneself.
From a searing pain crushing down on me
Swimming across a barren ocean
Clutching the dying embers.

Somebody save me,

I am drowning in my own tears.

((( asheil.august 24, 2011.wednesday.2043 hrs. )))



  1. The salted taste burns my soul
    as I am helplessly floundering
    about in this world,
    that grew weary with my tears...

    A gaping hole is left
    where my heart once beat;
    yet no-one would be the wiser:

    For in the hidden corridors
    of my maze-like heart,
    I buried a treasure deep and far...
    with no ‘x’ to mark the spot.

    Just a burial ground
    for broken dreams
    ripping at the seams
    of my wanting soul.

    Copyright © Jenny Lessing Wiggins 2012-10-02

  2. Loneliness is a tragedy...but how come there's a point in our lives that we become accustomed to it; that we could never be whole without it?

  3. @he shoots she writes: maybe because as you say, we've become accustomed to it. Adapted to the idea. Life is an equal balance of ironies and similarities er. it takes loneliness to know happiness. Loneliness can only be tragic when you let it consume your whole life. Hopefully, it is only a phase. One that we should let go or outgrow...