Thursday, 2 May 2013

Light and Shadows

Far away on the horizon,
A lone soul walks.
Taking each painstaking step towards the unknown.

Further still, 
The red star glows
Its light not enough to ward the chills
Nor bring warmth to the broken wings of the sparrow.

Eerie shadows on the water,
Meaningless play of light.
The lone soul walks
Oblivious to the sights.

The mind is in uncontrollable frenzy.
Thoughts and emotions whirling,
Lost in a mindless cadence of ancient rhythm.

But then, it snaps,
Sanity and feeling collided.
The lone soul on their wake,
Scarred, beaten and unmoving.

Everything is still,
Shadows have drifted.
A chill grips the scene.

And on the big vast blue,
The Red star glows no more.

(((asheil.september 27, 2000.wednesday.1000hrs.)))