Thursday, 18 October 2012

Winter Sonata

How does a broken heart continue to hope?
How will I stop myself to dream of you
When my soul seek yours
The moment I arise.

 How can I not miss you
When the very thought of you 
Spirals me into a world
Where nothing exists but you and me.

How can I stop the heart from longing.
When the simple radiance of a song
Speaks your name even in my dreams.
Crashing my heart into tiny, million pieces.

And all through these sleepless nights,
I find misery sleeping by my side.

Such a sad, sad tale
When a heart that loves so real
Is nothing but a dying ember.

((( asheil.march 26,2012.monday.1239hrs.)))



  1. Beautiful and melancholic, Sheila.

  2. @William: ja, it is indeed Bill. I wrote that after listening to a soap opera theme song about broken promises. It was a melancholic melody indeed. no words, just pure orchestra masterpiece..

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  4. Pixie, what an emotional poem...
    It is amazing how films and music can inspire the ink in our poems.

    Loved reading this piece. ♥

  5. @Jenny: music does evoke powerful emotions. sometimes more so than any other words. ;)