Monday, 25 November 2013

HeART Angel

The Art is in my HeART,
The Heart is in my Art.

Crossing borders,
Hanging in your world,
Seamless stretch of silent realm.

Little leaps of fire
Gilded in velvet,
Unlocking secrets
That dances seductively.

 Always love
Given freely,

Don't you know?

((( asheil.november 1, 2013.friday.1206hrs.)))

photo taken: Barangay Mana, Malita, Davao Occidental

Friday, 15 November 2013

It's early morning.
I'm just starting through my day,
Sipping my coffee.

You drift into my mind.
And I whisper your name.

It's like saying it for the first time.
Closing my eyes,
Giving in to the thrill.

And I smiled.

(((asheil.november 15, 2013.friday.1534hrs.)))

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