Monday, 19 November 2012

Me, You and I Forgive You

This is for all those who feel they've have enough of being used, taken for granted and unappreciated, be it with friends or a person one is romantically involved with. There comes a point in life when you just got to say, Enough is enough. And it's not about being rude; it's about saving yourself from a destructive situation that brings resentment.

Today, I resolved to make peace, make amends.
I don't wanna be tied to a foolish chain where I'm holding the losing end. 
It's time to make a brand new start. For myself. 
Break free from the never ending cycle of self deprecation.

It's time to set the boundaries between being nice and self preservation.

Because I don't want to look at my life and be livid by the things I've done to please you; forgetting my self-worth in the process. 

All the lies, the power you have over me, the endless expectation-- They all stop right here. 

And although I maybe the same Me  and you are the same You, the equation stops to read as "Me being here with you."

And in case you haven't got the drift, this is a breakaway from the "Me equals You" scenario. 

It's not even about Letting go, it's just about Me moving on without You.

This is my graceful exit. An overdue act of courage to save what is left of Respect; before any of us break each other apart beyond redemption.

I forgive you.  

But most of all, I forgive myself for allowing you to hurt me. Of which I though was beyond healing.

And that by this simple act of disengaging myself, I hope that you can forgive me too.

Finally, before I go, here's what I want you to know and hope that when you get to read this, you'll find it in you to understand and forgive me too.

To borrow an old saying and putting my own twist to it;

To err is human. To forgive is simply..... Liberating.

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  1. One line that struck me most..."It's not even about Letting go, it's just about Me moving on without You."

    ...I'm very emotional now.

  2. Thank you !!!
    For make me understan every thing now,,,
    This story . If we talk everything will be okay !!!!
    Not get some peoplo come in and kill (that the way I understan)
    But it okay !!! For give and for give ...
    Just don't do that for the next one come in ur life ....
    Hop u get good life ....
    Life will go front.....

  3. Forgiveness is one of the most difficult things to do.
    Moving on even worse.

    But life taught me - If you can't forgive AND forget - that emotion will always rule you. Hurt will rule.

    But in forgiving - the chain is broken and your soul gets freed.

    Well written.

    1. @william: you've nailed it Bill.... holding on to so much anger and resentment eats at your soul. you're feeding it until it gnaws on you...and oh yeah, you're back! If only there is a Like button on comments,eh.