Tuesday, 6 November 2012


These Eyes,
These eyes may as well be blind.
Unable to behold such beauty.

These Ears,
They are of no use
If they fail to hear the sound of distant rumblings within this heart.

These Hands,
These hands are superfluous.
If they cannot enfold you in thy embrace.

Ah, and these Lips,
What use are they?
If the words are barred from touching them.
Locked up in a cage of swirling emotions,
Unable to say what I really feel.

And I mused,

What good am I alive with all these Ifs?

((( asheil.august 19,2011.friday.1500hrs.)))



  1. my eyes are
    of someone's eyes
    my lips
    with her smile smiles
    when in her heart
    she my heartbeats files
    to me for happiness
    she inspires

    poignant poem,Sheila

  2. Your poems are touching, Sheila. One just cannot be satisfied with one reading of any of these.

    1. @vaishali: your words warm my heart and inspires me to continue writing. Thank you.