A soothing sensation, 
A striking splendor before my eyes,
The miracle of Life awakens.
((( ode to sunrise. sept. 3, 2011.saturday.1520hrs.)))

"As the sun appears over the hills in the still silence of the dawn, its light reflects the dancing light of my soul."

Flitting images pass before me,
A myriad of colors drifting in and out.

In a moment or two,
The magic will fade.
In a blink of an eye,
The moment disappears.

Now, in a flutter of my heartbeat
The moment will vanish.
In the corners of my mind
It will go, never forgotten.

A strange glow in the sky
Illuminating the despicable gloom.
Conquer the overwhelming shadows,
Or is it a dream?

A blinding radiance descends upon this compassionate being
To heal a broken soul seeking relief.
Or is it a dream?

Blurry visions I long to hold
Those bittersweet images sheathed in silk.
Viciously sweeping into my wakened self.
Perhaps the outcast in me rejoices
Moved to relinquish what I lost.
I feel the thrill up my arms,
Settling into my heart, 
Warming me.

Velvet curtain sweeping in
Creeping into me
As I sip my own fill of solitude.

Cool winds are whistling,
A gentle touch on my skin.
And then a sudden cessation of movement
As if trying to chronicle a turning point.

Never blinking, as if in a trance,
Simultaneously watching in awe,
Memories stowed in the far corners of my mind.
Twilight has deepened,
Dusk has come.

A feeble attempt at felicity
Foiled by something so peculiar.
Only to be victorious
Encouraged by a sudden surge of courage and faith.
I Dream No More.

photos taken at Island Garden City of Samal, Davao International Airport and Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur

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