Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Tell Me

How shall I find reason to a smile
When the everyday that comes,
There won't be any you to greet me.
Tell Me.

I miss you in every heartbeat
How I look forward to each day
Where I find solace with just the thought of you.
And now, you have left
I'm supposed to move on.
But how?

They say I have to let go.
Where shall I start?
When every thought is filled with you.
Every place reminds me of you.
And every face I see I wish were yours.

Where can I find something worthwhile
When all hope has ceased to burn.
Leaving an ache inside my soul.
Why shouldn't I regret not telling you what I feel.
Tell Me.

Reason has become blurry.
And inspiration has ceased to mean anything.
How do I mend my heart without you by my side.
Tell Me.

So I could learn to live again.

(((june 30.2011.thursday.)))

photo courtesy of desktop nexxus