Friday, 5 October 2012

The Cradle Song

This one I wrote while I reminisce the days where I used to babysit my niece and nephews.

A gentle rocking movement,
And you immediately close your eyes.
I gather you close to me
And placed a soft kiss on your brow,
Humming all along
A soothing lullaby as I cradle you to sleep.

Off to a deep slumber
Your tiny fingers clutching my hand.
As if trying to say
You never want to let go of me.

The gentle caress of your tiny fist
Brings tears to my eyes
The voice breaks as I try to sing
My heart a wellspring of so much love for you.

Watching you peacefully asleep,
A song of promise came to me,
"Nothing's gonna harm you,
Not while I'm around."

(((asheil.june 25,2011.saturday.1222hrs.)))