Sunday, 21 October 2012

Spring Serenade

The first ray of light flirted with the curtains which were shifting with the soft breeze. The world slowly awakens. It's the first day of spring. Cool winds blow, birds are chirping and the sweet smell of grass wafts through like they do when they're freshly mowed. I snuggled deeper into the warm bed, wanting to savor the moment of utter bliss and contentment - briefly though it was. How I easily drift into melancholy I would never know nor feel the urge to know. We are who we are. 

So here I lay awake listening to the first stirrings of the new day. I am here yet not really here. Funny how your mind tricks you. Yawning, I hesitantly got out of bed, pulled out the chair from the side and sit by the window. Soft pats of rain beat the roof as though small pebbles are thrown on them. I welcome the distraction. Just the appropriate sound to break the silence. Not that I abhor Silence. I am mesmerized by it. Mystified even. It's like a lake, where ripples are created when you cast a stone or do something to break the stillness. But ripples are only on the surface. You never see what's under the water. That's how I look at Silence, did I tell you that? You can't fully fathom it, you only skim through it.  It makes or breaks you. It builds and yet it can also destroy depending on the depth to which you embrace it.

Well, anyway, while I listen to the rhythmic rainfall I fall into my habit of clasping and unclasping my hands which irritates me sometimes. I don't know why I do that or when I started doing it. Things happen I guess when you're too preoccupied with other mundane thoughts, you pick up annoying mannerisms. Some say, it could be another unconscious psychological condition, those things that you do to shield yourself from hurt or pain. Whatever.

I turned on my CD player. The usual perk me up song to start the day.  But I stayed glued on my seat, watching the scene before my eyes: the rain just before it hits the ground, each droplet like tiny prisms casting little rainbows, the leaves bowing to the weight of water as though showing it's strength, and the panorama -- faint ray of sunshine dabbed by soft rain. Such a magnificent phenomenon. Like a painting. Surreal but otherwise it touches you like nothing else would.

And like those days, where you just feel deep inside, by intuition, that everything may work out just right creeps on me. Like a budding flower about to welcome the change of season. Change can be scary but it's always there. And today I firmly resolve to be its friend.  Because I don't want to be faithless.

I close my eyes, relishing this moment of peace. Tapping my feet to the music. There's a lightness inside of me. A song in my heart begins to play.

My faith is restored.

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  1. And so again, I'm here and I just can't get myself to close the tab. I'm reading, reading and reading. :D

    A wonderful piece, Sheila! I had to share this.

    1. @Vaishali: Reading has and always will be our favorite addiction.... thank you Vaishali