Monday, 11 February 2013

Happy Ever After

In celebration of Valentine's Day, here's one of the limited happy love poems I have written. For all the lovers, and the hearts that never fail to believe in Love.

Been thinking about You
And there's a storm brewing inside of Me.
The look in your eyes enthralled me,
How sweet it feels,
How right it is.
The passion just runs so deep.
The tenderness mystifies me.
To open the once numb heart.

Some spell hangs suspended.
A serene magic settles in.

I've heard "I Love You" said many times
But only when you said them
Did the words mean anything.

A spontaneous change naturally flowed.
An immaculate tale happily told.
The course of love between you and I
Is like a glorious song,
Its melody boundless.

You and I are one.


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