Thursday, 9 August 2012


Three words uttered from out of the blue,
Seemingly ordinary for some, 
But lovingly yearned by me.

A heart that longs, 
Desperately pining
To lay beside you, love.
Wrap these arms around you.
Always waking and find you're nowhere near me.

I sigh forlornly,
Bitter tears dampen my pillow
Haunted by your scent.

I stifle a cry,
Muffled the heart's whimper.

And then in the darkness,
I feel your arms enclosed mine.
Tugging me near,
Softly, gently
 Holding me close to you.
In the rhythm of your heartbeat
Swaying me to soothe my fears.

All my life, 
I have never heard
Words more beautifully spoken
As when I heard you whisper
"I love you" tonight. 

((( july 17, 2011.sunday.2145hrs )))