Sunday, 26 August 2012

Paalam ( Goodbye )

The heart is pounding,
Reverberating within the confines of this desperate being.

How a part of me has died,
The moment you said
"We needed time apart."
Because even though I am more than a friend to you
Time and circumstance dictate we say, "Adieu."

There's something about the way you said Goodbye
That tears me up inside
There's a finality to it
You're never coming back.
How I choked up inside
Unable to say,
"Please don't ever leave."

You said to think of you sometime
Especially when it rains.
But how can I ever find comfort
In the healing rain that made us close.
When they could be the tears I shed
Eversince you left.

So here I am,
Staring at nothing really.
Lethargic, listless
Only these three words running through my thoughts,

"I Miss You." 

((( july 7.2011.thursday.1916hrs. )))


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