Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Hello, love

She woke up earlier than usual. She couldn't go back to sleep no matter how hard she tried.  She couldn't suppress a smile. She's happy. Happier than she's ever been. 

Somewhere along the way of being friends with him, something has changed. She couldn't pinpoint that exact moment when it happened. The feeling just grew steadily until one morning, she realized there's more than friendship between them. She knows he feels the same way. There have been constant exchange of sweet messages between them. But neither one wants to be the first to say anything nor admit the relationship has elevated to something more passionate. She couldn't contain her excitement. She knows when she opens her facebook account there would be a message from him. Just the usual goodnight. Take care. I miss you.  But it's enough to make her day.  Until out of the blue, he simply said, 

     "I love you." How three simple words eventually turn her life around. She's in love. No doubt about it.

There's a lightness in her steps.  Everything seems to be easy and friends have noticed she's prettier and laughs a lot now. 

But every now and then, something creeps up.  There are myriads of questions left unanswered. Sure, they're closer than before.  And she's sure he's in love with her too. But sometimes, hesitation sets in. What if he doesn't? What if he sees her only as a friend? And if they're in love, could theirs have a  happy ending? We live in two different worlds. In a nutshell, people would say theirs do not have a chance of surviving the challenges. There's too much between them. She's afraid, unsure whether they'll be able to surpass all the hurdles. How can they begin to start a life when neither one is ready to admit to the other what one feels. And if they should commit to each other, would they have the strength to make it work. Is Love enough to withstand the test of time, or society's demands.

She brushed off the questions. Whether or not the feeling is mutual or that they'll have a happy ending does not dampen her spirits nor dimmed her happiness. She's going to live it day by day. For the moment, she's happy. Happily in love.

And as she taps her foot and hums their song she wonders what tomorrow brings. Right at that moment, a message came up. "Hello, love."

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