Monday, 21 January 2013


You're close enough for me to touch
                              Or could my mind be playing tricks on me again?
                                               Dream walking to where you are
                                                             As time stood still.
                                                Flitting images pass before me
                                          A myriad of colors drifting in and out.
                                                      Glaring at something
                                                     But not knowing what.
                                          A mirage that doesn't come alive.
                                         Leaving a hollow feeling deep inside.

                                                        I'm left in this place     
                                      Where you don't even remember me.
                                                   I am empty, I am numb
                                 Lose myself in countless dreams and images
                                         Wishing they may just be real
                                          And I'm really there with you.

                                               But just like yesterday
                                              And all the days before
                                   Only an imprint of you survives,

                                                  I SUFFER IN SILENCE.

                                                          asheil.July 9, 2011. Saturday.1415Hrs

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