Friday, 18 January 2013

Field of Dreams

A strange glow in the sky
Illuminating the despicable gloom.
Conquer the overwhelming shadows,
Or is it a dream?

A silent indignation of quiet discourse,
An engrossed conversation,
A constant resistance towards pure reflection,
Or is it a Dream?

A blinding Radiance
Descends upon this compassionate being.
To heal a broken soul seeking relief
Or is it a Dream?

Swiftly flowing like a stream
A graceful ripping at the seams,
Graciously moved me beyond the sweetest attempt.
Or is it a Dream?

Inclined to be delicate
Lest I am mistakenly swayed
To be insufferably amused
At something so desperate.
If I am to be believed.
Or is it a Dream?

A feeble attempt at Felicity
Foiled by something peculiar.
Only to be Victorious
Encouraged by a sudden surge of Faith and Courage.

I Dream No More.

---asheil.August 7, 2011. Sunday.2246Hrs.---

1 comment:

  1. The flow is really good in this poem. Held me in the moment.


    I'd say, you should never stop dreaming. NEVER!!!

    Nice one! :)