Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Message in a Bottle ( Melodies of the Heart Diaries-1)

So here I am facing the same old cycle of holding on and letting go; pulled apart between two directions. Making plans but never have the strength to put them into action.  I look at the world through misty windows, nothing is as it seems.  

They say messages in a bottle are a thing of the past.. But here I am, with all the pent up emotions, all these words that I couldn't tell you; wishing that someday, this will find you and you'll know it's about you and me.  You'll look back at this point where it could have been us.  How would you feel?

I don't know if I'll get through this. Maybe I will, maybe I won't.  Spending each day looking out on the horizon wishing that the same bottle will wash up on my shore, this time, with a message from you or will destiny pass me by again? 

Today I feel the resolve to get on without you.  But how will tomorrow find me?

Seeking shelter in an imaginary lighthouse tower, directing the light so you'd find your way to me. But a storm came, ferocious winds howled like a melancholic lovesong.  The lighthouse that once stood so proudly, flashing beacons for ships at sea, now lay in ruins.  

And I trembled, gripped by wrecking sobs because it finally dawned on me that something so good can never be.

And this message in a bottle will simply be a memory; a worthless treasure lost at sea.

(((asheil.sept. 7,2014.sunday.2105hrs.)))


 image below: copyright belongs to Lang Leav

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